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In my own light


I was tossing logs onto the woodpile in the wood shed, my mind on other things…. stacking wood is one of those tasks that allow for introspection and daydreaming. It was a sunny day outside and light steamed in from the door. Suddenly, the woodshed became dark. My head spun around wondering what had blocked my light, but behind me, it was still bright enough. It was a few moments before I realised that it was my own shadow that had fallen on my work and blocked the light.

It was a silly thing, really, but it did get me thinking. So many times when my life becomes shadowed, it’s quite likely that the shadow is just me standing in my own light. On hindsight, I think I do that often. What is my shadow? It’s those moments when my attitude to a situation darkens my world. It’s times when I’m overly critical of myself or those around me. It’s those days when my mind can’t escape the What if’s of my past. Not to be left out are the times when I abuse my body with bad eating habits and a couch-potato lifestyle.

Yes, I get in my own light a lot. Perhaps this could be a reminder to either turn on a light or step aside and let the sun in.


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The forest speaks

forest walk 6


~ ~ ~

There is a sound to the forest. It whispers to my soul. It speaks to me of an ancient earth nourishing the roots it holds, of birds chattering on gently swaying branches, each leaf telling me a story of a wisdom older than man. The endlessly flowing stream reminds me of the passage of time, carrying with it all the pains of the past, cleansing, purifying, healing. Rocks, older than time itself, encourage endurance and speak to me of staying strong and true to myself and my dreams.

~ ~ ~

Forest walk 1

I took a walk. We’ve had some rain, you see. This was the first dry, sunny day. I found unexpected rivers in our country lanes.

forest walk 2

The views were all gorgeous!

forest walk 3


forest walk 4

I do love gorse! The gorse here is, to me, symbolic of gutsy endurance, flowering and bringing sunshine to every view right through the dull grey (and sometimes white) winter.

forest walk 5

The country lane eventually dwindled into a bramble-filled track that also showed signs of rain and snow melt ‘rivers’.

forest walk 7

Roads leading off into the distance have always appealed to me. When they’re in a forest, they’re all the more special!

forest walk 8

I think I’ve found the spot I’d love to build a home!

forest walk 9

The walk back was as lovely as the walk up.

forest walk 10

Even the stones were pretty and fascinating. That stone was half the size of my palm and each black spot is a teeny tiny mushroomy fungus thing :)

All in all, it was a delightful walk and just what this body and soul needed!

Needless to say, a walk on the ‘wild side’, for me, would not have been complete without an ‘incident’. I decided to take a short cut across a water-logged field coming home. Bad idea. Up to the ankles in slimy mud was my lesson-of-the-day. Short cuts aren’t always the right way to go.


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A mending library – what a brilliant idea!

I take my hat off to someone who can do this… not only can, but does. So many of us (I include myself here) put a lot of thinking and talking into doing good in the community, but few actually get there. Right now, Michael Swaine is my hero. Do take a moment to read the article. You’ll definitely be inspired!


Things to be repaired by sewing or darning

This man is mending a lot more than clothes. He is mending hearts and lives.

San Francisco artist mends clothes and builds community — just by giving a darn | Grist.


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Amalie is painting this day blue

Amalie's stunning photography

Amalie’ site: I am painting this day blue.

My friend, Amalie from Norway, posted this beautiful song with its very inspiring lyrics. The song is in Danish and Amalie has very kindly translated the song into English. If you love nature and the seasons as I do, you’ll love this song!


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Starting over

I found this article recently and it got me thinking. Actually, it doesn’t do much to get me thinking of our dream. A while back, Kippy and Jaime wanted me to talk about my perfect home. Then just recently, someone mentioned being envious of a life of ease. I often say "I’m jealous" and you’ll usually find it’s relating to a certain way of life… a life we’d love to live again, a truly simple life.

farm dream

Second Act

"We embark on a career path or a job before we really know ourselves at a very early age, but I think we’re still a work in progress and over the course of your life you can stitch together a quilt of what you want to be and who you want to be." Lisa Schwartz

Now, if I were envious of a lifestyle, it’s the one this lady has built for herself. That is a dream!

             ~ ~ ~ ~

              ~ ~ ~ ~

A couple more videos of people starting over and fulfilling a dream… truly inspirational! I’ve linked to the videos, so I don’t overload this page for those with slow connections:

farm dream 2
Gypsy (back), Vilkas (left) and Noble (front right), our 3 Muskateers. Gypsy was the older, sensible one, who kept the brats in check. To the left was the raspberry patch – wild and thorny, but a thrill to harvest. Through the gateway behind them was the stand of mulberry trees, kids’ paradise, and beyond that, the stream. The dogs were lying under the pretty, but infernal Tibouchina tree – the leaves, when dry, make excellent dye *sigh* It never comes out!

For those new to my list or those who missed the original post, this blog speaks about the life we came from, which is poles apart from the life we’re in now. We’ll have that again : )

Last night, Tat and I were chatting. A possible hermitage came up, but she’s not the hermit type, being gregarious and all that. We settled on farming with goats, who are pretty cool critters, with Jurgis taken along as slave labour, something he seems to thrive on. Ah… now there’s a life, hm?


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Everyday angels


I’m not a great believer in the whole white light, fluffy-winged variety of angels who seem insubstantial at best. I do, however, believe firmly that human angels abound. They’re all around us. And yes, there are angels with fur too.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said a heartfelt "You’re an angel" to someone, usually to a friend. The ‘everyday angels’ have often gone unacknowledged, barring perhaps a quick "Thanks!" and a smile.

Take the bus conductor this morning, who pointed out a seat further back, out of sight. In a crowded, 3-deep, sardine-style packed bus at 6am, her smile and caring were refreshing.

I watched the big, bearded guy concentrating on his piece of paper on the equally crowded Metro, a small frown on his forehead. It lasted the length of the ride. What he was creating was complicated. When he finished her, he gently placed her on the window sill, then looked up to see me staring in wonder. It was an intricately-folded angel. He reached and gave it to me. I’d had this blog in mind for a while now, inspired by a site I found that thanked everyday angels (that was pre-format and I can’t find the link now), so I decided to take her home and photograph her before passing her on.

I like the idea of keeping a journal, as the site I mentioned earlier suggested, concretely acknowledging those who touch our lives, however fleetingly. It’s a bit like a gratitude journal. I suppose they can be combined. A gratitude journal allows us to express our thanks for life’s gifts, however small… an angel journal allows us to mention those who pass those gifts on.

Looking at this angel, she is imperfect, but beautifully crafted. She is fragile, but amazingly strong (still in shape after a few days in my book bag and it gets rough in there!). In that, she reminds me of the amazing people in my life.


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Reaching out

I love my Skype. To me, it’s an essential tool for contact with loved ones and for work. Having said that, I tend to get bombarded with contact requests from places like India and various locations in the middle east, BUT…

reaching out

Today, I got a simple message from a stranger. No add request, just the message. How refreshing!

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides, because it’s love that makes the impossible possible, nice meeting you.

Some people are just so nice : )


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