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Over the rooftops


The ripple earthy-red of clay-tiled rooftops is a visual that will always take me back to Sao Paulo. Yes, it’s found in other cities, towns and villages of Brazil and in many other countries, but Sao Paulo was such a huge part of my personal journey, that my thoughts go there.

What you’re looking at here are two houses. The tall house on the one side and it’s neighbour, glued to its side. It’s typical of housing layouts in much of Brazil. There is no space between the houses, which are long and narrow, often a series of rooms stacked one behind the other with connecting doors. It’s rare to find a passage.

I love skies and clouds and cloudy skies. I have far too many photos scattered through my albums of clouds, but what I’ve noticed is that many of them are where I’m in a confined area gazing out. It’s a pattern that’s repeated itself over and over from childhood. I was the child who had “… would do far better if she didn’t spend her days gazing out the window” or “…daydreams too much” in almost every school report, particularly the early years. I think much of that dreamer still exists. There’s many a time I find myself gazing at the horizon, thankfully, usually not from a confined space.


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Photo-writing challenge

writerIndeed…  ‘Tis me

Ok, so I said I was lousy at getting things written. I know how to write, but tend to sit staring at the screen for several eternities and still coming up blank. It’s not as though I have nothing to say and my head is buzzing all day long with… well… stuff. Trouble is, most of that stuff is not what I can write about (protecting the innocent and the not-so-innocent).

I was looking at some photos tonight and hit on an idea that might just work. Now don’t go placing any bets. My track record here isn’t exactly stellar, but let’s see if I can make it work.

I have absolutely tons of albums on my hard drive and really need to sort through the photos. That will entail going through each album to weed out the crud and make sure there are no duplicates. I’ve decided to take ONE photo in each album and write about it. I may allow myself more photos per entry, but I’m going to try to use words instead of more images to illustrate an event, person, idea, and so on.

Can I make this work? Time will tell…

write bleed


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Wordy Wednesday

I did consider doing a Wordless Wednesday, but, frankly, Wordless just isn’t me. I had an interesting photo to post, but then found that I had the need to explain the photo and talk about the day that surrounded it, however mundane that day may have been.

forest path

As the world is preparing for its ‘doom’, I decided to go and take a walk in the forest. I’d heard there was someone setting badger or fox traps and wanted to get rid of them. Ah… the peace of the forest. The quiet was tangible. Even my footsteps made no sound on the springy forest floor.

At this point in my walk, I was torn between the unending path ahead of me and the obviously man-made ‘structure’. We have debated back and forth what it was for and come to few useful conclusions. My guess was that someone was trying to dry those logs for firewood. I wonder who. It was an intriguing find. It definitely wasn’t there two days ago. This land is littered with some very interesting artifacts. I think I may well go for a photo walk tomorrow. You’d be surprised what you can find in a forest in the mountains!

Actually, I like the analogy of this scene. Life is presenting me with a puzzle right now and yet, I see ahead of me a beautiful path I am compelled to follow. It has no end. This is part of my journey.

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The quiet inbetween

I’m often asked, now that the tourist season is pretty much over, what it’s like during the week. We have one more weekend to open to the public, then the only public will be here during special events and pre-arranged tours.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy the absolute peace. It’s tangible!

magical light

Magical light


mossy tree

Mossy tree


office entrance

Entrance to ‘the office’


the office

‘The office’ where I work

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New blog place

I seem to have had this WordPress account for a while now. I open accounts just about everywhere to make sure that no one else can use my name. Yes, I’m selfish that way ; ) Sadly, importing my blogs has rendered them image-free and my blogs need their images, for the most part. If you’re reading this, you are more than welcome to visit my main blog site at Multiply to see the blogs as they’re meant to look.

Who am I? I’m a wife and mom. I am a photographer and writer. I repair and restore photos. This is my passion : )

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Wet ~A Picture Perfect theme





of you




my mind

Click here to join the fun on Picture Perfect

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A quick blog to prove I’m still alive

It’s been a somewhat crazy time since I last blogged. I never even got to visit all the PP entries on Friday.


Friday evening, I was asked if I wanted to go with Tatiana to see the Lithuanian dance troupe’s presentation at the 40th annual Cherry blossom festival in Campos do Jordão, a small town in the mountains about a 3 hour drive away from here. I went… camera in hand. We met the bus at 6:30am. The day was overcast and damp. I loved the event though… the kids were amazing. Ok, they weren’t really ‘kids’. Most were Tat’s age and over. The ‘team’ spirit was wonderful…. on the bus, regardless of the hour of starting and all the way there. Once we arrived, there was  a short time where a few of us wandered through the gardens.


The dancing was incredible… energetic, fun, colourful. The dancers actually ‘looked’ as though they were having loads of fun, such a rare thing to see. I’ll blog that day separately… if I can rescue some photos. I discovered at that event how bad my photography really is *sigh*

We arrived home after 10pm, ate some delicious chicken Jorge had prepared (how sweet) and collapsed.


Sunday, Jorge and I had to go into Praça da Republica to collect a leather item which was in for repair… it wasn’t ready. I was so annoyed. It is an all-day event for us to go in, involving a long bus ride and a fairly long walk. I took some more ‘realistic’ São Paulo photos, which I’ll put up at some point. So many people tell me we live in ‘paradise’ ; ) We got home tired, but it was a good day otherwise.

Sunday night, I got an e-mail from Felicity’s sister, speaking of her day with Fel. It tore at my heart… I knew the end was near. Monday, I got stuck into the dance photos, as I want to be able to have them online in time for the next dance practice. I checked mail rather late. Felicity was gone. My day just crumbled. I have been struggling to pick up from there… so there you have it… my ‘quick’ blog, where I was going to talk about how I had nothing to say for myself.

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