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A sense of style

Have you ever left home in your slippers? Or at least dreamt that you have? Or worn sandals when going out into the snow? ; )

My dress for teaching leans towards the casual with just enough ‘smart’ to be presentable for corporate students. Yesterday, for example, I had the balls-in-the-bathtub student and a mess of teens. Dress: jeans, t-shirt, hiking boots. As day-to-day comfort wear goes, that is ‘it’. Around lunch time, I stepped in at the shopping centre in the area – in the heart of the Jewish quarter. I spent my time there wondering, as I often do, if money makes one lose all sense of style – as though I have so much style myself =Þ Naturally, there were bunches of well-dressed dames, but some real oddballs too.

This morning, I decided to ‘glamorise’. I hauled out my red throw, did the full ‘war paint’ routine and even dug through my jewellery box! Yes! Full red-carpet glamour. Ok, not quite, but, for me, it’s a total departure from what has become my norm.

I left home feeling all dressed up… until I got to the bus stop and chanced to look down. Yep. Rough ‘n tough hiking boots! I packed up laughing. My bus stop companion gave me a kind of quizzical grin, not knowing what could possibly be so amusing during a dark, early morning wait for the bus. Every now and again, throughout the day, my thoughts would go to my feet – which, in fairness, are far more comfortable than they have any right to be when ‘dressed up’ – and the mirth bubbles up again.

The photo, by the way, is of Tat’s old boots. Mine aren’t nearly as worn, so I could get away with it under my pants.

Looking at the news this morning and reading about how the fire brigade somewhere in northern USA is offering to hose down the cattle in the extreme heat, it’s weird to see the thick blanket of snow not to far south of us here in Brazil. My world today is peppered with huddled Brazilian popsicles.
snow brazil
From one of our local news sites

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Wet World

I’m early. The world around me is wrapped in scarves and jackets, except for the guy in the denim shorts, no shirt, flip flops and a cap walking down below.

It’s raining. As I’m early, I chose to stay on the undercover Metro bridge, watching the raindrops run along the concrete beam and eventually peel themselves off. The flickering fluorescent light turns the world around me into a kind of unearthly early-morning disco.

Somehow, the glistening wet of the side-walk makes the litter stand out starkly. Litter blocks the drains, so the water dams up in the road, turning the paving into a bug-sized, filthy surf.

Pigeons are amazing things. Where do they come from? One lone white pigeon bobs around, finds a soggy crumb and in a split second, twenty others arrive to help decimate the ‘feast’.

My hands are cold, but then, my hands are pretty much always cold. They’re saying that, a little way south of us, the sentient temperature this morning is -22ºC. I find that hard to believe. Not complaining here though. At least we’re finally having a smattering of winter.

Augh. Poor guy. This old man is always there on the curb-side. His lopsided stool stands abandoned off to one side, as he hops around, trying to keep warm. He has a blue shopping trolley holding a polystyrene cooler of orange junk-juice and bottled water. I doubt he’ll make too many sales today, if any. Even the coffee-and-cake guy is lacking his usual cluster of clients in the cold and rain.

Ah… time’s up. I need to go down and wait for the bright yellow VW.


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Dogs! Argh! We’re into day 2 of our regional water cut. The pleasant enough,but extreeeeemly slow chap at the water department said it was due to a burst water mains and water would be restored the same day. That was yesterday.

The air is dry. There are pollution warnings out. This photo is from our local news. The airport is on a ‘fly only if necessary’ due to the pollution.

Uma faixa de poluição está sobre a cidade de São Paulo.
Foto: Luiz Guarnieri / Futura Press
This photo is from a different news agency. Apparently admissions to hospital have increased by 70% today due to respiratory issues.

Sao Paulo smog 2
Our water system is here complicated. We run off a cistern on the roof. This is because of the city’s frequent water cuts. A storage box of water means that, during a cut, we still have water for a while. That’s all good and well, but…. unless we go outside to the yard wash tank, which is fed directly from the street, we have no idea the water has been cut or if it’s been restored.

Enter dog.

The son of a second-hand sea sausage used the standing space in front of the water tank as his personal WC! Let it be known that I leave home by torch light – It was dark when I checked the status of our water supply!

Apparently, I will have plenty of luck today, especially since I couldn’t wash it off.

romany on duvet
Does this look like the face of evil terrorism??


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