My dreams this morning were a muddle. The dogs were barking outside and I fell back into a fitful sleep. In my dream were barking dogs too and me trying to figure out ways to shut them up. We were outside our house. I assume it was ours. We never went inside and I didn’t see the house beyond the fact that it had white walls and one of those two-track concrete driveways with a grass strip up the center. We had a white bakkie. We were leaning on the hood scratching out lottery scratch cards. I don’t remember who won what amount, but I do remember Jorge and I standing planning what would be paid off first with the one amount. All three of us won money, but someone, I think it was me, scratched two cards and a second amount was won.

The amounts were (not in this order), 10k, 13k, 23k, and 33k (k=1000), totalling in 79k. It wasn’t a regular lottery, but part of some national drive.

Later, we were approached by a young man who was looking for a room to rent. I was woken up at that point.

On the house and neighbourhood. There was a lot of grass. Our house had a huge lawn. The sidewalks had grass. No way was this in Brazil.


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