Pickled cucumber


Category: Side Dishes & Condiments
Special Consideration: Quick and Easy


My activity for the day…
Jorge swiped a cucumber slice before I bottled it. He raved about it, so it must be good. I want it to mature in the bottle for a while, to absorb the flavours.

* 6 or 7 small cucumbers
* 1 large onion
* 4 teaspoons of salt
* 2 tablespoons of water
* 1 cup of sugar
* 1/2 cup of cider vinegar
* 1 teaspoon of dried dill

Prepare the Cucumbers
Start by peeling the cucumbers, and then cut them in half lengthwise. Using the tip of a spoon you can easily scoop out the seeds. Now we cut the cucumbers into smaller slices. You also need to cut the onion into small slices.

Soak the Vegetables
Next, put the cucumbers, the onion, the salt, and the water in a large bowl. Make sure it is not an aluminum bowl, because that will react negatively with the acid. Let this mixture stand for about two hours. Then, drain off the liquid but do not rinse the cucumbers and onion.

Add in Ingredients
Put the vegetables back in the bowl and add the sugar, vinegar and dill. Let this stand until the sugar has dissolved completely. You will want to give it a stir from time to time. There should now be plenty of liquid in the bowl covering up the cucumber and the onion.

Storing Pickles
Put this mixture into freezer safe containers. Leave about an inch of empty space in the top of the container. Put these in the freezer, where they will keep for a long time. When you are ready to eat the pickles, you can thaw them either at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Enjoy!

* It’s worth noting that my pickles never made it to the freezer. They get eaten far too quickly!

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