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The quiet inbetween

I’m often asked, now that the tourist season is pretty much over, what it’s like during the week. We have one more weekend to open to the public, then the only public will be here during special events and pre-arranged tours.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy the absolute peace. It’s tangible!

magical light

Magical light


mossy tree

Mossy tree


office entrance

Entrance to ‘the office’


the office

‘The office’ where I work

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Good morning sunshine

paulista trees
The little girl climbs the stairs, her dark curls spilling from under the hood of her jacket, her fluffy teddy clutched up to her chubby little cheek. Memories gripped my heart… and squeezed.

In the park, the sun’s first rays filter through the trees and mist, lightly warming my shoulders. I greet the trees and smile at the fragrant blossoms, their heady scent obliterating the smell of the nearby road. The two old blue gums stand like sentinals on my path. The sun radiates off their white trunks turning them into majestic pillars of light in the cool dark of the park.

The old man comes along and has his usual cheerful unintelligible conversation with me. I nod, smile, agree and eventually he moves on to the fallen tree to do his morning stretches.

A bird flies down among the filtered rays of the sun. I feel as though I’ve received some sort of sacred blessing. Someone stops to take a photo. I’m not in the least surprised.

Time to go, to start my day ~ renewed, refreshed at the end of the week.


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The leaning tree

Leaning tree

yet strong

Needing support,
yet giving wisdom

yet giving life

yet giving peace

On Friday mornings I teach at a renowned bank. Next to the bank is a little park with some old trees, perhaps not ancient, but old enough to have seen a thing or two of this life. I like to get to my student early, so that I can sit for a few minutes just drinking in the peace and coolness of the park. The very air feels and smells different in there. It’s quite with just a few folk walking with their partners, their dogs, or just enjoying the place alone the way I do. I walk up to the old tree and touch it just to feel the peaceful energy. It seems to tell me to relax and breathe. I see the tiny shoot growing out of its thick trunk. There is always hope.

I leave the park renewed, ready for another day where little can get me down.

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